There are numerous reasons to get your fingerprints taken. The most common reason to get fingerprints done is to fulfill the employee pre-screening requirements when applying for a government position or other important job. Fingerprinting is required so that your employer can do a background check. Your fingerprints will be compared to state and national fingerprint databases to make sure you are not wanted by law enforcement and are fit to handle classified information or valuable merchandise if the position requires it. 

In addition to government jobs, there are many occupations where your fingerprints may be requested during the application process including: Aircraft Pilot, Ambulance Driver, Assisted-Living-Facility Manager, Attorney, Child Care Provider, Contractor for Public Schools, Domestic Violence Shelter Worker, Hazmat Driver, Homeless Shelter Worker, Nuclear Employee, Pharmacist, Security Guard, Stock Broker. You may also be asked to provide fingerprints to obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit, Foster Home License, Nursing Certification, Real Estate License, and Teacher Certification. Fingerprinting requirements will vary based on the state you live in.